Our R&D and Quality Assurance


R&D and QA


CYCP uses induction furnace in the manufacturing process of anodes, and is able to mix different percentage of alloy in its production process.

  • Casting:

  Through special method, keeping temperature consistent during pouring of the melted metal, therefore anodes manufactured has consistent distribution and no internal stress.

  • Hot Top:

A hot-top is disclosed that continuously casts an ingot by pouring molten metal down into the anode mold, from a molten metal flow-down port. The inner shape of a flow-down port forming part corresponds to the inner shape of a cylindrical space forming part. Ensuring our anode is evenly distributed and has no inner spacing.

  • Elements analysis:

Using World Analytical System from Germany, performing spectrum analysis inspecting alloy content, will take only 15sec to 30 sec. Ensuring the quality of every product is of top quality and well under control. Further analysis can be done using POLYVAC E2000 (made in England).

  • Quality Inspection:

Every anode manufactured is carefully inspected by our quality team, ensuring it fulfills all the requirements before package and shipment.