Cathodic protection standards
NACE International's Corrosion Control of Submerged Areas of Permanently
Installed Steel Offshore Structures (SP0176-2007)

Reference Electrode

Protection Standard

Saturated CSE Electrode

-850mv or more negative between -1200mv

Ag/AgCl (Seawater)

-750mv or more negative between -1100mv

Ag/AgCl (Saturated KCl)

-760mv or more negative between -1110mv

SCE Electrode

-780mv or more negative between 1130mv

High-Purity Zinc Electrode

+250mv or less positive


NACE International's Control of External Corrosion on Underground or

Submerged Metallic Piping Systems (SP0169-2007)



Protection Standard

ON Potential (under CP)

-850 mv or more negative between -1200mv

(Using CSE reference electrode)

OFF Potential (Polarized Structure Potential)

-850 mv or more negative between -1200mv

(Using CSE reference electrode)

A minimum of 100 mV of cathodic

polarization between the structure surface

and a stable reference electrode contacting

the electrolyte.

Different type of reference electrode

Special Cases:

1.Standards may differ when Sulfide, Anaerobic Bacteria,

high temperature and low PH soil are present

2.Standards may differ in cement wrapped pipe, pipes in dry or aerated soil

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